New Iberia Restaurant shuts its doors overnight

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – Normally a bustling business, Fratelli’s in New Iberia closed suddenly this week and there seems to be a misunderstanding between the property owner and the Fratelli’s owner.

When customers arrived for lunch at Fratelli’s in New Iberia, it was closed. 

Preston Hull who was looking forward to lunch at Fratelli’s Wednesday was caught off guard by the parking lot only occupied by two sheriff’s deputies.

“Another deputy pulled up and asked me if I was coming to eat, I said I was hoping to. I walked in right behind him to an empty building, it was completely empty”, said Hull.

According to the property owner, John Romero, the building was filled with tables, bar stools, ovens, even utensils. All of which was there when the Fratelli’s owner moved in and should’ve been there when he moved out.

Over the phone, Giovanna Naza with Fratelli’s says he was forced to get new equipment because the ‘old stuff wasn’t up to code’. Naza says he bought new tables and chairs for the restaurant, and when he left they were stored in the storage unit on the property. But, property owner John Romero says he wants his things returned.

Romero said, “I would like to get my merchandise back and all the dishes and all the stuff that was taken from this place he needs to return.”

Naza says issues like plumbing problems, which were obvious in the bathroom, led to the restaurant closing. 

In The Retail Food Inspection Report’s Notice of Violations, during four separate inspections in 2016 and ’17, the restaurant was cited for the same non-critical items which were supposed to be corrected before November of 2016.

Fratelli’s owner Giovanna Naza says he will honor any gift cards, he can be reached at their Prairieville location.


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You can also view Fratelli’s Inspection Reports here: Fratelli’s Inspections

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