Congressman Clay Higgins holds townhall in Youngsville

During the month of August, Congressman Clay Higgins will be traveling to all 9 parishes in district 3. Tonight he held a town hall meeting in Youngsville.

Youngsville City Hall was filled with concerned citizens who were looking to their congressman for answers on topics like health care, SMILE funding, and flood relief.

Congressman Higgins said: “In this era of social media and iPhone and FaceTime, and yet there’s nothing more significant or poignant as an American to American person-to-person conversation.”

Jackie Phelps, a district 3 resident and Vice President of Invisible Acadiana, said “I believe that it’s really important for all congressman’s constituents or senators constituents to attend these Townhall’s because it’s the only way he knows what we’re thinking. The only way we can ask questions directly to him and have you know look at us and give us an answer.”

He was asked tough questions on health care reform and funding for flood relief. Even though he answered most everyone’s questions, some weren’t satisfied with their answer or the congressman’s progress over his last seven months in office.

“Clay seems like a good guy, he really does. But he is following the strict Republican party line, he’s not showing any Independence at all from the administration. And I have yet to see anything that he has done to help Louisiana,” said Phelps.

The congressman still has time in office and is determined to make a difference.

“It’s been a beautifully challenging combination of difficult work and a lot of emotion. You know I’m a patriot and I love my country and I’m determined to serve every day in an effort to be worthy of the burden and that’s been placed upon my shoulders,” said Higgins.

Even though some residents were displeased the Youngsville mayor is optimistic that congressman will want to continue to hear concerns and work to help residents.

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