Gov. Edwards introduces grants to help with flood prevention

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Governor John Bel Edwards stopped at the LITE Center in Lafayette for the Resiliency Statewide Kickoff Event, announcing flood recovery funding for Acadiana.

He also introduced the Hazard Mitigation grant program and the Vermilion Watershed Summit. All these grants are efforts to help prevent flood waters from taking over Louisiana and right here in Acadiana again.

The Governor says that this is the first time, that this type of approach has been taken to make sure the state is working to reduce the risk of future floods.

“The flood waters are going to come into our parish, either through streams or water on the ground, or through rainfall, but it’s going to leave our Parish at some point and go somewhere else. So why don’t we coordinate our efforts, to make sure we approach, this on a watershed basis, and so that’s going to happen in the vermillion watershed. This is a groundbreaking development in how we mitigate against future risks,” said Governor Edwards.

He wants to make sure there is a better way to manage watersheds throughout the state, by partnering with leaders across Acadiana. The regional approach for the August Flood Grant Program will receive over 25 million dollars in funding. A separate grant will provide another 4 million dollars in funding. The Governor believes these initiatives will save lives in the event of another flood.

“When we’re successful in doing that, not just will people’s structures be saved, so that they don’t flood, or if they flood less severely than they would have, but certain individuals who would’ve been killed, would not. And so, yes. It’s going to save lives,” said Governor Edwards.

He is also encouraging anyone who has not yet filled out the homeowners flood damage survey by Restore Louisiana to do so, if they were impacted by the flood.

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