New ordinance could help save the lives of cats in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Under Mayor President Joel Robideaux, Lafayette is working towards becoming an animal no kill community.

Local animal advocacy organizations are pushing for residents to contact their council members to vote “yes” to a revised animal ordinance which would include new provisions pertaining to the community cat diversion program.

“It will help save lives,” said Paula Stude with Spay Nation in Lafayette. “As you know, Joe Robideaux would like our community to move towards no kill. It’s been a dream of most of the rescue groups for a very long time, they’ve worked very hard to try to make this happen, but truthfully the only way you’re going to reach no kill is to have a trap neuter return program.”

“Trap-Neuter-Return” means to trap community or feral cats, neuter and vaccinate them for rabies and return them to their environments.

“That’s going to stop the population growth, it just ceases. Right now what we’re doing is we’re traveling and killing, so we’re trying to animals bringing them to animal control and we’re asking animal control, find them a home,” said Stude.

With so many cats and not enough people wanting to adopt, most cats brought to an animal shelter end up being put down.

“The bottom line is they are cats. It’s our problem, it’s your problem we live in the same community. We can teach our kids, hey keep trapping the cats and killing them are we can teach them compassion,” said Stude.

To read the full ordinance click here.

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