Jeanerette Police Chief fired with a 4-1 vote from the Board of Alderman

Jeanerette police chief Jeffery Matthews is out of a job.

The Board of Alderman voted to fire him last night during a special meeting. They voted 4-1 to terminate Chief Matthews.

This comes after the controversial release of two veteran police officers last month.

According to the Daily Iberian, during the open forum meeting, Jeanerette Mayor Pro Tem Tina Simmons brought up concerns about Matthews not enforcing policies and procedures within the department.

This stemmed from the release of two veteran police officers in July. Jeanerette Mayor, April Foulcard directed Matthews to fire them.

Simmons said Matthews did not follow the established procedures for firing the officers. Matthews says he was never given an exact reason on why he was to fire them.

There is reportedly some bad blood between Matthews and several aldermen.

There was also friction between Matthews and Simmons on a policy on hiring employees under the age of 21.

Matthews has been vocal on Facebook about his termination. He posted that he does not hold grudges or feel any ill will towards the council.

Matthews withheld comments until he could seek legal advice and we are expecting an official statement from the Jeanerette Mayor’s Office. Once we receive that statement it will be posted on KLFY. com.

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