Sod Webworms

Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about a worm that can cause a big problem in the yard and that worm is called what?

The Sod Webworm. This is the time of the year it’s active so you need to put chemical out to get rid of them. Now the first thing is when you start seeing a lot of moths or something flying around in your lawn or in the flower bed, they don’t eat any flowers they don’t do that. When the moth is flying around in the lawn it’s laying eggs. Then after that the larva—the worm, starts eating up the lawn, then you notice patches and stuff like that. You have to remember the difference between that and chinch bugs because they’re out at the same time. Last year we didn’t have a problem with chinch bugs but this year we may. But to get rid of them its easy—you want to use a hose and sprayer. The 38 Plus is a concentrate you mix with water, spray your lawn it’ll hold up for maybe two weeks so you may have to apply it two or three times. Usually the sod webworm last year lasted until September. And the Cyonara what I like about it comes with the sprayer, just hook it up and go. It works very well. What’s real important with any chemical you use, this product right here certech. What it does it’s a factent like a soap. It adheres to the leaves, everything in your lawn, or the flowers, whatever you’re spraying. It also changes your PH. Lafayette PH can be from a 7.5 to an 8. Well your chemical is not going to work as long as it should so this will bring it down to a 7 or below, you actually want it a little below. If the product says it lasts two weeks, it will. But if you PH is wrong—too high or too low, you might get a day out of it. It’s not expensive, you only mix an ounce and 7 gallons of water, and it might run 5 bucks or something. Works great any chemical that your spraying, if it’s a weedkiller, anything. Lets get rid of the sod webworms before they eat up our lawn.

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