KLFY recognizes 90 plus years of living

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) –  Here’s an achievement most people only wish they could accomplish. A Lafayette woman reaches 98-years-old. Cora Porter is one of a number of 90-Plus Acadiana residents with a story to tell. “I use to work at UL Lafayette cleaning the buildings,” says Porter.

The best years of life are often captured in pictures with glimpses of life. Cora Porter of Lafayette needs no pictures to tell her life story. Porter is 98 years-old. She lives independently and has no secrets to her longevity. “I’m just from the country, worked the fields and cutting cane. Oh yes.”

Porter’s fondest memories are of her late husband. She says she has no children and her siblings have passed on. “Even though I was young I knew I would never marry because I would never find someone like him. They would want to use everything I had and then they would leave me. Oh no!”

Porter comes to the Greenhouse Senior Center to play a bit of bingo. In fact, she’s has more than competition on the bingo board to contend with there are a number of ladies here her age. “Yes, I go to bed early at 7:30 p.m,” says Rena Segura age 96-years-old.

“I’m glad the way God raised me to be. I didn’t tend to nobody’s business but my own and you can’t know mine. Even though,I know I’m from the country I know a lot,” adds Segura.

Porter will celebrate her 99 years on December 1st.

If you know someone 90 years-old or older let us know, we’ll be glad to tell their story.

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