LPSS; Parents heated over bus stop complications

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Some parents were clearly very upset with the Lafayette School Board and the current transportation issues, and they had a chance to voice their frustrations at the student transportation workshop.”

“I’m very disappointed with the Lafayette Parish School System,” said one mother. Another followed with equal unsatisfaction, “With the shootings that happen in Truman, with the killings that happen in Truman, how did y’all think that this was a safe stop for these children?”

One after the other, parents sounded off, sharing their personal horror stories for the first day of school; which some barely made after waiting on busses that never arrived.

“He doesn’t know where he’s going, everybody’s already in class and he’s very embarrassed. I think it was not handled properly” said a flustered mom after having to drop her son off late to his first day of school.

“See where you dropping these kids off at. Drug areas where there’s always shooting at and everything. Got six year old kids out there, six o’clock in the morning waiting for a bus that never showed up” said one father who is worried about the safety of children in his neighborhood.

Superintendent Donald Aguillard knows the school system has to tweak a few bus routes. He says pick up and drop off times will be adjusted where possible.

“We want to make sure that we’re dropping these kids off in the most safe and secure environment possible. We will be doing those things. If you provide us with specific information then we can begin to make adjustments to the routing system” said the superintendent.

Those who had transportation issues on this first day of school were asked to fill out a Bus Incident Form and turn it into school board officials so they can try and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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