Mamou doctor hosts one of remaining private practices

MAMOU, La. (KLFY) – Private practices for doctors are becoming a thing of the past.

The demand of the private practice is a lot.

Dr. Brent Ardoin chooses to stick with this type of work in medicine.

Ardoin has been working with his private practice for 30 years while also working at other hospitals and hospice care.

“When I was raised, I was working since I was young, it’s what you did. When I started medicine, I expected to work hard,” says Ardoin.

He says the ever-changing world of medicine calls for different hours and schedules which is why more doctors don’t pursue a practice all to themselves.

“Most people don’t want to do that anymore and I don’t blame them for that. It’s just the world is changing, more people want more of a job. They can come to work, go home, have a little more time off,” says Ardoin.

Through the years, Ardoin finds the most rewarding part being the ability to become familiar with his patients.

“People know each other better here. Everybody knows your momma and your momma’s friends and so on and so forth. You get to know the histories, what their grandkids upto. It just these people become friends,” says Ardoin.

Ardoin goes on to say he will be semi-retiring by stopping his work at the bigger hospitals and only focusing on his private practice.

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