The multi-million dollar fried chicken chain that calls Lafayette home

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In 1989, when Neal Onebane started selling his fried chicken out of his convenience store in Scott, La., he never dreamed it would blossom into a multi-million dollar business.

In 2006 Krispy Krunchy Chicken’s annual sales were $12.6 million.

Eight years later, in 2014, annual sales jumped to $155 million!

“I always think big but I did not think it would get this big. I started cooking in the back of my store and would deliver myself,” Onebane told News 10.

Krispy Krunchy markets its products to convenience stores. The company does not have individual restaurants.

“70 percent of our stores are individual store owners and small chains,” Onebane explained.

Operators of Krispy Krunchy locations do not pay franchise or royalty fees.

The company receives a percentage of the sales from the items operators buy from associated companies.

In 2006, Krispy Krunchy went from 200 convenience stores to being carried in over 2,200 stores.

Business at Ray’s convenience store in Maurice has picked up since they have been selling Krispy Krunchy in May.

“Bringing all locals back in and we have had increased profits overall,” store manager Emily Clark told News 10.

So what separates Krispy Krunchy Chicken from other fried chicken chains?

“We inject the chicken at the Tyson (chicken) plant, so the flavor goes right to the bone,” Onebane explained.

And it’s official, Krispy Krunchy is about to fly worldwide. The company will be expanding into Indonesia and Mexico.

Onebane says they are expanding, on average, to 10 new convenience stores a week.

Krispy Krunchy’s chicken is sold in 41 different states.

Currently, the hottest market for the company is California.

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