Lafayette business leader chosen to join group focused on growing Louisiana economy

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A Lafayette media marketing veteran has been tapped to join an assembly of state business leaders to help grow Louisiana’s economy.

Louisiana Economic Development is calling on business leaders like Lafayette’s Bob Holbrook of Holbrook media to help grow the state’s economy.

Holbrook brings 40 years of marketing and production experience to the panel of business leaders.

“It all starts with the right strategy for the brand and that’s what I hope to bring to the CEO roundtable. A bit of direction as to how to handle the brand, handle the customer and grow the businesses in Louisiana,” Holbrook explains.

Holbrook says the goal of the LED roundtable is to drive Louisiana business using the expertise and knowledge of CEOs from around the state.

“We’re here to help other businesses within the state of Louisiana. The LED has taken the position of yes we need to attract business, but what about helping our own? “Holbrook asked.

Holbrook says the Louisiana Economic Development has identified CEOs from 75 applicants around the state.

The CEOs will meet about once a month to share their expertise and find better ways to improve business in Louisiana.


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