Today on your lawn and garden we’re talking about the garden, which season, well let’s talk to John about that. We’ve had the fall season, the spring season, then the summer. Where are we right now John?

We’ll we’re still in the summer and going into the fall really, we’re in august right now. I replanted my cabbage, I pulled up all my cucumbers again and replanted them so they’re coming up real well in there like I said if you water them well cucumbers will come up in three days. And so that’s all doing good, getting started with that again. But also a lot of seed you can start putting out in August. Mustard, turnip, radish, you can start putting potatoes again, you can plant potatoes, your shallots, your onions tops will have them in, and it’s time to plant them—ready for gumbo season and all that so still a lot of seeds, collards, and different things that you have. I wait for September for my grandson I plant a lot of carrots for him, her loves that. Everything’s looking good in the garden. We don’t need to keep it watered, we get enough of that, but just keep it clean of weeds and all that and fertilize when it needs.

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