St. Martin Parish dives back into the school year

Last but not least, Saint Martin Parish heads back to school today where officials say they’re keeping their eyes on the A-rated prize. Teachers and employees experienced intense and professional development year-long, as they launch a new Teacher Advancement Program parish-wide.

Four schools will benefit from this new system, as well as, community eligibility provision and the Leader In Me program that initiated at St. Martinville Primary School. With higher standards and new initiatives, officials say the year will be challenging, yet- very rewarding.

“I believe in our employees. I believe in our students and certainly the support from parents’ together working as a team we can make it happen. And also, I mean all of these attributes are important to student’s success and employee success. We all benefit from these habits. So, we’re looking forward to a productive school year and again stressing working together as a team to make things happen and to make great things happen in the St. Martin Parish school system,” said St. Martin Parish’s Superintendent Dr. Lottie Beebe.

This year students and parents can look forward to the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics program, Teacher Advancement Program, virtual learning, a College, and Career Readiness Center, jump start initiatives and more. For more information about upcoming programs in St. Martin Parish, you can visit their website.


Tap Here To Hear More About St. Martin Parish Schools


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