Gov. Edwards pushing to broaden homeowner flood grants


Debris-lined streets in every direction didn’t break the spirits of friends and neighbors alike, working side by side during cleanup after the flooding. (Photo: Kelly Richard Briggs/Special to The Advertiser)

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Gov. John Bel Edwards wants to broaden Louisiana’s flood aid program to include more homeowners with flood insurance and to boost grant amounts.

The proposed changes to the $1.3 billion homeowner rebuilding program will go to the state recovery board for approval Friday.

Initial limits were set because of concerns Louisiana wouldn’t have enough money to help homeowners who had some insurance coverage. Of those with flood insurance, only a limited number of elderly, low-income homeowners were eligible for the rebuilding aid.

But Edwards says as grants have been awarded, the state determined it can expand to more homeowners and increase grant sizes.

The announcement comes as the Edwards administration has had trouble getting some flood victims to fill out the survey that is the first step for homeowner aid.

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