Concerned parents hold meeting to get answers from LPSS about new bus routes

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – On August 1st, the Lafayette Parish school system announced new bus routes for the school year. Since the announcement tensions have been high between parents and LPSS members.

LPSS Transportation Parents United is one of the Facebook groups that have been made to address issues with school transportation.

Members organized a meeting tonight to try to get answers, while school board member says they’re working overtime and are nearing a solution for everyone.

19,000 students in Lafayette ride school buses every day.

“18,500 of them are being fully serviced, people are happy. There’s another 500 that we have to take care of,” said Tehmi Chassion a district 4 school board member.

According to Chaisson, the number of affected families is dwindling.

“For the most part, we have been taken care of them one by one. Every single time I get the issue I’ve taken care of it,” Chaisson explained.

Some parents argued that their children have yet to go to school this year because they don’t have the means to get them to the new satellite bus stops.

Lauren Vice, a concerned parent said, “I don’t feel like there is any malice or anything like that. I just think that this is been a nightmare.”

After tonight’s meeting Vice does leave with some hope that the transportation issues will be solved.

“I feel like they came out, they listened to very specific complaints and issues that people are having. There seems to be a plan for addressing them but I felt like the details were a little bit thin on the ground,” said Vice.

Vice said that she thinks the Facebook page has been helpful for parents to work out logistics of this issue since one of the suggestions tonight was to try the buddy or carpool systems with other parents who live in your neighborhood.

Chassion said that in time things will be fixed.

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