KLFY Weather team discusses what to expect for rest of hurricane season, how to be prepared

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – We are approaching the midway point of hurricane season and so far so good, but what could we expect through the rest of the season?

One message the Stormtracker weather team stresses is not to let your guard down. The most active part of the season is still yet to come.

NOAA released their newest hurricane season forecast in early August. They are still expecting an above average season. The season has been active so far, but only about 40% of the activity has been accounted for. This means that the majority of the activity, especially hurricanes and major hurricanes, is still yet to come. Louisiana is no different as the majority of our activity has come our way after August 15th.

“We had Lili in October, Rita in September, and even Humberto in mid-September, which was back in 2007,” says Chief Meteorologist Heath Morton.

Meteorologist Chris Cozart also stresses that storm can form quickly and with very little warning.

“Take Emily for instance, it was a little spin there in the west coast of Florida, with within 24 hours, even 6 hours, it went from a depression to a tropical storm,” says Cozart.

So what steps do you need to take to get your game plan ready?

The first thing you should do is secure your home. This means cleaning out gutters, trimming trees, and bringing in any loose objects that can become airborne in strong winds. You should also have an emergency storm kit, which will be everything you and your family needs in the aftermath of the storm. Make sure to heed evacuation orders from local emergency management officials and know your evacuation routes ahead of time. It is also a good idea to have insurance, on both the home and the contents of the home.

When you do assemble a storm kit, here’s a checklist of things you should include:

  1. Food and Water – Two week’s worth for each person
  2. Batteries – For flashlights and radios
  3. First aid kit- which can also include medical documents and medications
  4. Important documents – Deeds, insurance policies, social security information, birth certificates, etc.

Through the rest of hurricane season, it’s important to always stick with the News 10 Stormtracker weather team, as they’ll bring the latest information to you as things develop.

“We’re always on the same page, we’re always in constant communication to give you the best forecast,” says Cozart.





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