Local group wants Confederate statue in downtown Lafayette taken down

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Following the violence in Charlottesville this past weekend, attention has turned to Confederate monuments throughout the entire country, about whether they should be taken down or if they should remain.

One group located in Acadiana, called ‘Move the Mindset,’ wants the monument of Confederate General Alfred Mouton located in Downtown Lafayette, to be taken down.

“It is difficult to understand, in particular for a black person, how could be proud of having a history of maintaining and supporting the ideology of slavery,” said Fredrick Prejean, chairman of the group, ‘Move the Mindset.’

It’s been a little more than a year since the Lafayette City-Parish Council passed on taking action to remove a statue of Confederate General Alfred Mouton from public property downtown. Prejean and his group say that they don’t care about who’s on the statue, it’s about what the statue represents.

“It is the fact that there is a person, dressed in a Confederate uniform, representing the ideology of the Confederacy, that is most important. The fact that it has to be a person named Alfred Mouton has no consequence,” he said.

President Trump weighed in Thursday on Twitter, saying the statues should not be taken down.

While Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has also chimed in on Twitter, saying all Confederate statues should be removed from the halls of Congress.

Austen Sallinger is a local living in Lafayette and says that the monuments should stay.

“They are still part of history and we should learn from it,” he said.

For Prejean and his group, he say’s they will keep gathering information and go through the legal process to try and take it down.

“I don’t care how long it takes. It is important that there is an organization in Lafayette that is constantly working on getting the statue down. And if it takes forever for that to happen, that’s how long we will pursue this. We are here to stay,” said Prejean.

We reached out to a group who supports the monument staying up but did not get a comment yet.

We also reached out to Mayor-President Joel Robideaux’s staff, and we have not got a comment on their end yet, as well.

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