St. Martinville hoping to be named Pepper Capital of the World

ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) Tens of thousands of products fill the shipping warehouse at Cajun Chef in St. Martinville.

Things like sliced jalapeños all the way to hot pickled okra all come through this warehouse before being shipped nationwide. It’s that success that they hope catapult St. Martinville into being named the paper capital of the world.

It’s that success they hope catapult Saint Martinville into being named the “Pepper Capital of the World”.

Since the mid-1950’s Cajun Chef, formally know as Bulliard’s Evangeline Brand has been one of the major employers in St. Martinville.

St. Martinville Councilman Mike Fuselier said, “To this day they have over 250 pepper products going nationwide.”

Since 1993 Peppers Unlimited of Louisiana has called St. Martinville home and uses more than 3 million pounds of peppers a year.

“They are utilizing over 15 millions gallons of hot sauce. They’re doing a couple different labels and they’re in 130 international companies” Fuselier said.

Plus the annual Pepper Festival has been held in Saint Martinville for decades.

“The Kiwanis have been hosting the Pepper Festival this year is the 26th annual,” said Danielle Fontenot of St. Martinville.

Fusilier says gaining the title of Pepper Capital of the World could mean great things for tourism.

“We are just thinking that it could be really big for Saint Martinville. We could see some pepper things popping up, a lot of people like hot sauce, a lot of people like peppers so we can maybe use that, just one more thing to bring people to St. Martinville.”

The council did approve the resolution and now Senator Fred Mills will present the resolution to the legislature.

Fuselier says the resolution should go before the House of Representatives by next session.

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