Lafayette councilman looks to bring change to Simcoe Street area

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – City-parish leaders have high hopes to change and revitalize North Lafayette in the Simcoe Street area.

“What you see today, could be so much more beautiful tomorrow,” says LCG Council chairman Kenneth Boudreaux.

The Simcoe area, which is home to the city’s beautiful historic district, sits in Boudreaux’s district, District 4.

He’s proposing is an investment that will over time, impact more than just North Lafayette eventually generating millions in tax revenue.

“It’s about changing the facade adding shops, health eateries, outdoor seating, just an upscale quality of life that everyone deserves,” Boudreaux explains.

And Boudreaux says it doesn’t stop there.

“Fixing frontages, beautiful facades, wide sidewalks, nice trees, sitting areas where people could be in or out of an establishment, be comfortable and be at peace,” adds Boudreaux.

Peace in an area that has seen its fair share of violent crime.

Boudreaux says his plan will address those problems.

“Some things get corrected with quality developments and investments. Some of those things are in place because there have been no investments, nothing has changed over a long period of time,” Boudreaux notes.

And in this case, change can’t come fast enough for some residents.

“We hear about plans and all it’s just not happening,” says Lafayette resident Sister Doris Roy.

Boudreaux says while there has been some development in north Lafayette, more is needed.

“So we’ve stopped on the edges and everything from that point out is great, but everything from that point in is deteriorating and if we don’t do something about it, it spreads and that’s what I call a cavity”, Boudreaux explains.

Once completed, the recommendations will be presented to the city-parish council.


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