ONLY ON TEN: how Crowley girl became ‘fittest teen on Earth’

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) – Walking around Crowley, the last thing you may think is it that a global headline lies in the city.

Well, it does. You might just have to do a workout in order to see it.

Chloe Smith has just returned from Madison, Wisconsin where she took home the CrossFit Games title for teenage girls in the 14-15-year-old division.

The journey has been a relatively quick one with Smith starting CrossFit not even two years ago.

“The coaches said from the moment I got here ‘oh you’re going to go to the games,’ but it really wasn’t after awhile that I truly started to believe them,” says Smith.

It started when Chloe’s mother Tammy brought her to CrossFit fit Unlimited Crowley.

There she caught the eye of her now coach after performing the legless rope climb.

Her coach then put her in the adult classes when she was still only 13.

After that point, Smith could see her performance times steadily growing.

“I mean it was hard work but it wasn’t like I was forcing myself to do it because I love it so much,” says Smith.

Once at the CrossFit Games, Smith recalls the experience as surreal.

“It was kind of crazy seeing the girls that I follow on Instagram, seeing them there alongside me,” says Smith.

Even after returning, Smith says the title of ‘fittest teen on earth’ has not set in.

“I don’t know if it has really set in yet but we just couldn’t believe it,” says Smith.

Smith’s final event that pushed her out in front to win the title was the rope climb.

It doesn’t get much more full circle than that.

Smith’s coach says Chloe is the reason why CrossFit Unlimited Crowley has a kid’s program.

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