Plan Lafayette Week holds workshops on construction and drainage

Refining government, revitalizing neighborhoods, re-envisioning natural resources and reinventing the Hub City are four key themes this week as the Lafayette Consolidated Government, (LCG), hosts their annual “Plan Lafayette Week.” This marks the third year the week-long series of events takes place. It focuses on Lafayette’s Comprehensive Plan that was initiated in 2014.

“There’s a lot of people who want to live in communities where all of their daily needs are close by. They can live close to work. And downtown is the place for that. There’s a lot of people that think some of the generational shifts, that Millennials prefer more urban environments. Um, so there’s a lot of reasons. But downtown is the heart of our community and so we’re just excited to draw attention to it today,’ said”Carlee Alm-LaBar, Director of Planning, Zoning and Development.

Among the week long series of events, today there is a scheduled Congress case study to inform the community about the progress of construction on Congress Street. This is followed by a drainage development workshop to provide insight on the work being implemented within the city in light of the August floods. These events are hosted by Lafayette Comprehensive Plan at the Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority.




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