“The Best of 90 Plus” an educator shares his story

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Through our KLFY segment “The Best of 90 Plus” we found there are many people who fit the mold.  Some say they just played their cards right or played the hand they were dealt.

Dr. Charles Faulk comes to the Greenhouse Senior Center to play cards three times a week. Dr. Faulk is a doctor of education.

He’s been an educator for 65 years in five areas from secondary to special education.  Dr. Faulk worked at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and McNeese State University.

Dr. Faulk is 94 years old.  “I was a principal. I was a supervisor. I was a state supervisor. I was a college professor. I was at another college as a professor.  I was head of the department of the college where I was a professor,” explains Faulk.

The Greenhouse is where Dr. Faulk comes to pal around with men his own age. He explains his wife of 70 years is the secret to his longevity.  “As soon as I get back home from the card game she comes with a cup of coffee. She never fails.  Never!  I can’t think of one time when she failed,” says Dr. Faulk.

“It takes strong people who are willing to do the right thing to correct wrongs.  You have to be very strong,” adds Faulk. Dr. Faulk is also a veteran of World War II.

Faulk says he remembers in Japan becoming friends with a clothing store owner where he got his hands on some silk cloth.  “I took it home with me and I become engaged to be married.  I gave the cloth to my wife. I said this is pure white silk.  I said I want you to make your wedding dress out of that; which is what she did,” adds Faulk.

“I tell them (my children) you all have children and they’re watching what you do,” says Dr. Faulk.

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