Coach, cardiologist hoping to return Northside football to greatness

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – An event to support the Northside High School football team is taking place at the school tomorrow.

The event is beyond much more than raising funds.

Last week the Northside football team got a much-needed donation of cleats with help from the community and a local cardiologist. The team is appreciative of the equipment but still is in need of much more.

Over 40 pairs of cleats were donated to the Northside football team by local cardiologist Dr. Brent Rochon, but he says he is not done helping the team.

“We’re helping them do a po’boy sale which we are doing Saturday at Northside high from 10 to 2 with po’boys chips and a drink and all of the proceeds will be going towards the Northside football season,” says Rochon.

The team has not just struggled financially but also with bringing back the reputation of old.

“The mantra I had when I first got here was bring back the red and black. We want to make sure we have everything positive for this school because this is a positive school. It has been under the radar lately but my job here is to bring back everything that the school brings,” says head coach John Simmons

Rochon adds: “This is only the beginning. I plan to help them out more in the future.”

The event will be happening in the loop where parents usually pick up their kids.

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