Tornado touches down in Erath, damages reported

UPDATE:  A tornado touched down in Erath around 2 p.m. Sunday bcaused property damage for some locals.

Particularly some local rice and sugar cane farmers on Albert Rd.

Andre Langlinais’s father owns the property and rushed home after hearing rumors of the storm.

“I was in Erath in town a couple miles south of here and kept hearing about the tornadoes. I decided to go home and check on my puppy dog outside,” says Langlinais.

The route of the storm is evident in the destruction left behind.

“You can tell exactly where this thing passed. You saw when it passed over the shop here, the little shed. You see the tin flying off of it and see where the sugar cane is just laid down right in its path. Some witnesses that were in those homes there, they saw it pass through the plowed field next door. Mud just flying up everywhere, couldn’t really see much but water and mud,” says Langlinais.

Langlinais says he has never encountered a storm in Erath.

“Personally I’ve never witnessed a tornado. Around this area, I’ve never heard of tornadoes touching down here,” says Langlinais.

Owners at the site say they lost sight of the tornado once it made its way through the sugar cane fields.

As for the sugar cane fields themselves, they say it was already at a mature level so it won’t seriously affect business.  They are going to have a construction crew come through here and remove the rest of it soon. Reporting in Erath…Logan Reever…KLFY News 10.””

A construction crew is set to come through soon and remove the rest of it.

ORIGINAL: ERATH, La. (KLFY) Erath Mayor John Leblanc has confirmed with KLFY that a tornado touched down briefly in the area of Albert and Naud Road.

Leblanc says the impact damaged a building that the drainage board owns and stores it equipment.

No injuries have been reported, according to Leblanc.

At the time of its impact, Leblanc said the tornado was heading north on Hwy. 338 and 339.


(Viewer submitted photos)




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