Catholic Charities, Diocese of Lafayette teach lessons in preparedness, response, and resilience

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Today at St. Pius The Tenth Catholic Church in Lafayette, community members learned how to better respond to natural disasters.

News 10’s Lester Duhe’ has the story

This event was brought up by Catholic Charities and the Diocese of Lafayette, in case another hurricane like Harvey, would come to Louisiana.

Hurricane Harvey has been catastropic in Texas, which is why  St. Pius the Tenth has called members of their church community and other volunteers on how to respond when disaster strikes.

“Some of us have lived through some of these.  Basically Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike, so we see the need for trained people to be ready to respond.”

During the meeting, volunteers demonstrated the best ways to sandbag, clean out flooded houses, collect and distribute donations, as well as manage inventory and long term recovery.

Catholic Charities has a national partnership with the American Red Cross, that we will support them in their shelter operations, so this is basically what we were doing and also, anyone else who wanted to help.

People like Ashley Armstead brought her family to learn how to help others in times of crisis.

“This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to help people who are affected by the flood, and to just show God’s light.

In Lafayette, Lester Duhe’ KLFY News 10.

If you would like to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund through the American Red Cross, you can visit our website,




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