Harvey brings flooding to Intracoastal Canal

Vermillion parish began experiencing impacts from Tropical Storm Harvey as early as Sunday.

For the last three days, the area received tornado activity, tropical storm, and flash flood warnings. As the storm made its way to parts of louisiana this morning, we monitered Intracoastal City to see excatly what the storm may bring in hours to come. Right off the Intracoastal Canal, water rose two to three inches within a two-hour span. Wind gusts of about 45 miles per hour pushed the water from the canal closer to the roadways. Vermilion Parish’s Constable Ward Seven stopped by to examine the area.

“I noticed the water is coming up quickly on 3-33 the water on the eastbound side, the water is over the road by spots. You gotta have to be careful. The water is coming up. How much is going to come up, we don’t know. But, be cautious if you have to come back here. If you don’t have to, please stay home. That’d be your best bet,” said Antione Barras Jr. “We’ve been monitoring our locks. We cannot let no water out because the water is so high. It’s going to wanna come back in on us and all of our lo-line areas are starting to flood right now,” he added.

Shrimpers from the boat landing also mentioned the appreance of many boats coming in from Texas. Vermilion Parish was also under a river-flood warning. The lack of steady rain lifted the warnigns and allowed many flooded areas to slack up throughout the day.




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