Catastrophic flooding in Port Arthur, TX

PORT ARTHUR, Tx. (KLFY) – Many are wondering what to do next in Port Arthur.

With homes and cars destroyed, some have little left. Eric Allen Wilson is one of those men.

Wilson is living out of his truck with his family after his home was engulfed in the water Wednesday morning.

He says he and his girlfriend were woken up by water rising to his bed.

Although Wilson has lost almost everything and doesn’t know what is to come next in his life, he remains appreciative that he and his family are okay.

“Respect to the ones that lost [their] lives. Our hearts go out to the families and stuff but yeah….some people rebuild. Some people do it all over again. Just thank the Lord that we still here,” Wilson said.

With nowhere to currently go, Wilson could head over to the multipurpose center down the street, but that currently has anywhere between 100 to 400 people with more and more people making their way in the center as the days go by.

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