Police: Suspects accused of stealing car with child inside

MANDEVILLE, La (LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) – The Mandeville Police Department has arrested two suspects accused of stealing a vehicle with a child inside.

According to authorities, the owner of the vehicle left her vehicle running with her child inside as she went inside a gas station.

During the time she was inside of the store, her vehicle was stolen. Authorities obtained a description of the vehicle and began tracking it by using the owner’s cell phone. At that time, authorities said the vehicle was on I-12 East heading to Mississippi.

While searching for the vehicle, authorities received a call from the owner’s child. The child was dropped off by the suspects along the roadway and reunited with the mother.

While in contact with the Mississippi Highway Patrol and Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, authorities were able to retrieve the vehicle as the suspects were getting gas.

The two suspects, 34-year-old Patric Cole and 30-year-old Tara Beisel, admitted to taking the vehicle and dropping the child off along the road.

Both suspects will be charged with theft of motor vehicle and kidnapping.

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