Residents of Orange County, Texas evacuated during flooding

ORANGE COUNTY, Tx. (KLFY) – Flooding still poses a threat in Orange County Texas.

Many residents are still being evacuated.

Some of them not by choice.

The sun was out which would seem like a good sign, but Orange County emergency management knows they’re not out of the woods just yet.

People living in the unincorporated low-lying areas north of Interstate 10 are being evacuated to a shelter in Lake Charles.

Sonya Leblanc and family have plans on riding out any effects of Harvey at home but are having seconds thoughts, not wanting to get caught in a dangerous situation.

You can always get another house, you can get furniture, you can’t get a life again. Life is more important to us. You choose your battles but I believe it’s in every bodies best interest to just go ahead and leave,” said Leblanc.

There is still a flood warning in this area until further notice, so that mandatory evacuation is in place for residents living north of Interstate 10 east of Highway 87.

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