Bond denied to Michael Handley in alleged kidnapping case

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) -Lawrence Michael Handley was arrested on August 11 at a hotel in Slidell. He was booked on two counts of conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, one count of online impersonation, and three counts of violating protective orders.

He was booked on two counts of conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping, one count of online impersonation, and three counts of violating protective orders.

On Friday, a hearing was held to determine if bond would be set for him.

Michael and his estranged wife, Schanda have a rocky past.

They ran the Handley Family Foundation that helped poor children and cancer patients.

They also have a string of court documents filled with restraining orders and allegations of domestic violence.

All of these factors led up to Schanda’s kidnapping on August 6.

According to the Daily Advertiser, Schanda was allegedly forced out of her home at gun point by Sylvester Bracey and Montreal Haynes on August 6.

Schanda was later found in the back of a van in Baton Rouge after her two kidnappers drowned in the Intracoastal Canal, trying to escape.

Mike Cazes, West Baton Rouge Sheriff said, “Both bodies had the same clothing that we saw in the video from Turner Industry during the manhunt.”

Court filings allege that Michael Handley hired the two men and bought items “necessary to kidnap, bind, torture, and abuse” Schanda.

Schanda survived her kidnapping and is now safe, but during an August 17 court hearing, she never looked towards her estranged husband, who cried occasionally in his orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

Today Michael returned to court after Judge Jules Edwards declined to immediately set bond for Michael because of a law designed to protect domestic violence victims.

Edwards ruled that Michael was not an immediate danger to the public, but feared that he might flee.

No bail was set and Michael Handley remains detained without bond.

“We are disappointed. We thought that we had put forward good evidence to show that they were conditions that the court could impose as a condition of bail that would assure the safety of the alleged victim and the safety of the community and ensure that the defend it would show up for his court appearances,” said Kevin Stockstill, Michael’s attorney.

As for Michael…

“His spirits are high, he’s keeping a positive attitude and believes that you know after we make our case to the third circuit court of appeal that we can get a better result,” said Stockstill.

Both Mrs. and Mr. Handley are to appear in a divorce case hearing set for September 11.


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