Texas evacuees take shelter in Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KLFY) – Many residents from Southeast Texas who were rescued from the floods when Tropical Storm Harvey hit the area, have moved to a Mega Shelter in Alexandria.

“We had about 1900 (people), and we just took about 3 buses to Mesquite, Texas by Dallas, so we’re down to about 1700,” said Felicia Calbert, a Public Information Officer with the shelter.

Jacob Provost and his family were rescued by boat when the waters started rising throughout his home in Orange, Texas. He says it’s been a whirlwind of emotions so far.

“The water came in, and my house never flooded before and overran it with water,” he said.

Provost says that it’s been a whirlwind of emotions throughout this entire process which has moved him from the Lake Charles Shelter, now to Alexandria.

“First thing I cried, now it’s better. Just trying to take it one day at a time,” said Provost.

He’s just one of the many thousands of people at the shelter, who just wants things to go back to normal. Felicia Calbert says that the workers in the shelter are trying to make everyone feel at home.

“What we’ve seen is people come in, they’re happy. What they want is dry clothes, they want to get fed, they want showers and they just want to get back to their regular life,” said Calbert.

Officials say that the shelter will continue to stay open until everyone is able to find their way back home.


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