LPSS works on finding schools for evacuees

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, students from across Texas are now looking for new schools.

Texas school districts are reporting that Hurricane Harvey damaged 200 schools and displaced over 15,000 students.

The Chief Administrative Officer for Lafayette Parish schools said 17 students registered for school on Tuesday.

Another 10 students are interested, but like many displaced families, they have to figure out their living situation before enrolling in school.

Many of these families have lost everything.

Most families are in need of all the basic necessities.

“We are expecting that the slow trickle of kids that are now coming in, it’s only going to grow,” said Temhi Chaisson, Lafayette Parish School Board member.

Chassion added that LPSS is working on making sure all of the students have everything they need.

“I don’t want a single kid to have to worry about a single thing period. We have access to school uniforms, we’ve got access to every bit of school supplies. Pens pencils, nothing you should worry about,” Chaisson explained.

Students across the parish will be filling baskets with glue sticks, binders, tablets, trapper keeper’s, and books give to their new classmates.

The goal is to get every student in a classroom.

“Come to school and start learning. Don’t worry about anything else,” Chaisson encouraged.

Superintendent Dr. Aguillard said the Lafayette Parish School Board is dedicated to helping all evacuees find the right school.

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