Picture of teen holding a gun on a St. Martin Parish school bus goes viral

A picture of a teenager holding a gun on a school bus has surfaced and gone viral on Facebook, causing concern for much of the community.

The name of the teenager or the school he attends has not been released. But in The photo you can clearly see his student ID badge from Breaux Bridge High school.

According to a source this is a dated picture, but it’s still raising concern in St. Martin Parish.

Linda Sam has been a bus driver for 18 years. This picture shocked her.

“Kids and guns, they don’t mix. You know and I ask the children, put the guns down that’s all I asked children. But I’ve never had a problem with a child and a gun on my bus. Never had that problem,” says Sam.

She says it’s a parents responsibility to make sure their children never come into contact with guns.

Sam says, “It’s not a toy, it’s a big gun. Probably stealing it, robbing it from someone’s house. Parents need to check their children’s rooms more often. That’s what they need to do.”

According to The public information officer for the St. Martin Parish sheriffs office, all official statements regarding the case must come from the Saint Martin Parish school Board.

The public information officer for the St. Martin Parish sheriffs office, Ginny Higgins says, “We were made aware of the picture and we are conducting an investigation from the law enforcement side and then they are handling it from a school board side.”

Higgins encourages parents, teachers, and bus drivers to pay close attention.

“Notice the activities. See if someone is acting maybe differently than they normal act. If you see kids on a bus in a cluster, you know normally when they do that they may be discussing something. They may have something, pay attention to those type of little details.”

With social media being so prevalent, Higgins says she is seeing more pictures like this popping up.

“I don’t think sometimes the kids understand the repercussions, or they don’t understand the long-term effects. This affects them for the rest of their lives,” says Higgins.

We contacted the Saint Martin Parish school Board several times, but the superintendent says she’s not at liberty to disclose student information due to student privacy laws.


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