New Iberia Mayor holds town hall meeting to inform residents about proposed safety tax

NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – New Iberia Mayor Freddie DeCourt held a town hall meeting tonight to inform residents about a new tax that would help fund a police department in the city.

Gun violence has increased across the city of New Iberia, especially on the West End of town.

If the tax passes New Iberia would gain a new police department with hopes of cracking down on gun violence and crime in the city.

“You know there’s a lot of good people who live on the west side of town. And you know everybody that is here doesn’t want to hear the gunshots, staying in their homes and fear to come out there homes. We need just some action taken care of,” said Richard Williams a New Iberia resident.

Action is what Mayor Freddie DeCourt hopes comes out of this proposed tax.

“We need it to grow our community. It’s the first step in attracting new businesses and turning our community around to reach the potential that we all know it can,”  DeCourt said.

71 new law enforcement officers would come with a new police department. These officers would be dedicated only to the city of New Iberia.

“To me, my thing is I rather see the city police officers come back,” said Edward Walker another New Iberia resident.

Walker added that he remembers a time when police officers were active and involved in the community.

“Know your people man because you know God is trying to show New Iberia a lot of things, you know that needs to be put back in place and the only way it’s gonna get back in place is that everyone has to come together as a whole. A community that got love for each other,” Walker said.

The tax is facing some opposition but DeCourt isn’t stopping and he will continue to have town hall meetings.

“There will be a few more. We have probably four scheduled and more popping up. I’m going anywhere I can go,” said DeCourt.

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