ONLY ON TEN: Acadiana parents worried about white stickers placed on cars

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Kristan Jones was working at her job at a health clinic when a coworker pointed out a small white rectangular sticker on her windshield.

“She goes ‘oh my god Kristan, you have one of those stickers on your windshield.’ I go ‘What Sticker?” Jones recalls.

Jones had no idea where the sticker came from so she went to Facebook.

“From when I posted my post on Facebook about it, I had multiple people saying so many of my friends had these,” says Jones.

She adds that over 40 women responded to her saying they found the same sticker on their cars.

The scary part?

Every one of the women had children.

“Just to mark the car saying there [are] kids in the car or we don’t know if they see you’re getting out of your car and they’re watching you or if they’re looking inside your vehicle,” says Jones.

Jones has two sons; a seven-year-old and a three-year-old.

“It just terrifies that somebody could have possibly been targeting them. You know it gives me chills. It’s just like I’m a momma bear, don’t mess with my babies you know,” says Jones.

Police are advising women to not take the stickers off right away so they can come and check for fingerprints.

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