ONLY ON TEN: Hurricane Harvey evacuee undergoes cancer treatment in Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Hurricane Harvey left many residents in devastation. Thousands had to evacuate their homes throughout southeast Texas. But for one woman, she won’t be going home anytime soon as she’s battling the fight for her life right here in Lafayette.

Raven Green has lived in Port Arthur, Texas for about 20 years. She evacuated a week before Harvey made landfall.

“We were going to come that Sunday but it was like no just go ahead and go. And it was raining a lot on the way here but we made it,” Green said.

Evacuating Texas wasn’t an option for Green. In April, Green was diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. She’s now in remission and currently at the Cancer Center of Acadiana at Lafayette General medical Center, receiving chemo five days a week and staying at a hotel nearby.

“I didn’t want to prolong it, like they added to the end of the cycle the days that I missed. And I was just like I didn’t want to miss it. I didn’t want to take any chances,” Green said.

When Green was first diagnosed, she went to M.D. Anderson in Houston to get her treatment plan, receiving the actual treatments close to her home in Port Arthur. But since Hurricane Harvey, she’s been at Lafayette General, receiving the same chemo treatments.

“I’m receiving the same treatment that I was at M.D. Anderson in Port Arthur and here it’s still the same medicines and everything. Really the only differences the locations. The doctors at M.D. Anderson communicate if something’s wrong,” Green said.

For now Green will be staying in the Hub City, continuing chemo. Green isn’t able to go back to her apartment and possibly won’t be able to retrieve her belongings left behind. But Green said she’s going to focus on what she does have, most importantly her health.

“Don’t stop living your life. Don’t let it affect you. And don’t give up on life like you can be in control of it,” Green said.

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