Kaplan resident says, “It’s time to clean up Kaplan,” after police chief arrested

KAPLAN, La. (KLFY) – Louisiana State Police have arrested Boyd Adams, Kaplan Police Chief, on charges related to theft and malfeasance in office.

He was booked into the Vermilion Parish jail Monday, but has since posted bail.

State police were asked to investigate a complaint of an alleged theft of funds at the Kaplan Police Department. Adams was unable to provide receipts of records documenting his use of over $19,000 of police department funds. Investigators were then able to determine that he used nearly $7,000 of that amount for personal purposes.

One resident of Kaplan who didn’t want to be identified spoke with News 10, and says enough is enough.

“It’s time to clean up Kaplan. This town has been needing a cleaning up for a while. And everybody doesn’t want anything to change. But it’s time for things to change,” she said.

Earlier in September, an arrest warrant was issued for Chief Adams on charges of theft over $5,000 dollars and malfeasance in office.The concerned resident says other officers had to know about this, but people need to step up and start holding others accountable.

“This just adds to everything else, where you’re putting a damper on not being there, along with doing this.You know its wrong. You see it, you see that person doing it, and yet you just turn your head? No, that’s wrong,” she said.

Kirk Champagne, Mayor of Kaplan released a statement on the police chief’s arrest that reads quote: “I’m truly at a loss for words. Our great city will overcome this as we always do. We need to pray for him and his family in this terrible time.”

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