Suspects wanted in St. Martinville Shooting

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A woman who was shot Sunday afternoon has been released from the hospital but says she’s worried about the safety of herself and her family while the suspect remains at large.

The shooting happened around 2pm on the 200 block of Honore Street in St. Martinville.

According to police and the victim, this feud between the two women has gone on for years, but this is the first time things got violent.

Delanee Jones said she and the suspect, Amber James, were in a fist fight when another fight broke out between Jones’s nephew and James’s younger brother.

Jones added that as she went to break up that fight, James went to her car, returned with a gun and shot Jones in her arm.

“I was thinking I’m about to die. I didn’t think she hated me that much to shoot me,” Jones recalled.

According to Jones, when police arrived on the scene, she identified James as the suspect, but no one was arrested.

“So I don’t want to find out or continue to be curious about what else she’s capable of. She committed a crime, she shot me, she should be arrested” Jones said.

Saint Martinville Police Chief Joseph Nedie explains why no one was taken into custody.

“My detective was still investigating and we need to get all the stories correct, We still questioning people and as of now we have warrants for three suspects,” explained St. Martinville Police Chief Joseph Nedie about why no one was taken into custody from the incident.

Amber James is wanted for attempted 2nd-degree murder, Isaiah Alexcee is wanted for illegal discharge of a firearm, and Brandon Jones is also wanted for attempted 2nd-degree murder.

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