Ochsner Health Center for Children – Lafayette helps patients in Acadiana

LAFAYETTE (La.) KLFY- A new pediatric specialty clinic is open in Lafayette as a result of a partnership between Ochsner Hospital for Children and Lafayette General Medical Center.

Since July, pediatric cardiology patients have been able to see their specialty doctors here in Lafayette because of this new state-of-the art health center.

Before this clinic opened its doors, Acadiana children with heart diseases would have to travel to New Orleans to see specialty doctors.

“It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to New Orleans, which for mom’s taking off from work and for kids missing school, it just, we just saw a huge need for the Acadiana community to welcome this partnership and to have a pediatric cardiology specialty in the area,” said Alexandra Donaldson, a communication specialists with Lafayette General.

“And we are right across the street from Lafayette General, so it’s, from that perspective, patients love it. They don’t have to drive as far to get highly trained, highly specialized Pediatric Cardiologists,” said Nancy King, the clinic’s operations manager.

The clinic offers the services you’d get in New Orleans right here in Lafayette.

“We have state-of-the-art echo cardiograph equipment that we have newly purchased. We have stress test that we have the ability to do here. Everything we have is new,” says King.

There are currently six doctors working at the clinic, seeing patients needing care in different sub-specialties.

“We are recruiting a pediatric cardiologist to live in Lafayette so that it will be a full-time position here,” says King.

The clinic offers pediatric cardiology and plastic surgery, with plans to add gastroenterology and neurology next year.

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