Pay changes coming for LPSS teachers

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A hot topic was up for a vote tonight at the Lafayette parish school board.

The infamous 14th check was on the line.

And after almost 2 hours of debate, the Lafayette Parish School Board agreed to distribute the excess of the 2002 sales tax to classroom teachers in 1 lump sum.

Every year the decision on how to distribute the excess funds starts a meaningful conversation among the board.

“This is a very complex and a very important topic. This tax was meant for pay, specifically meant for pay but how it’s distributed and even in most cases, up until last year, who it was distributed to was also a controversy,” said LPSS District 9 member Jeramy Hidalgo.

The $1,647 payment to full-time classroom teachers will be issued in October.

“I think they’re going to be overwhelmingly proud and excited to get that check. Because they’ve been getting it for a long time and they relied on it for many many years,” Hidalgo said.

But classroom teachers won’t be the only ones getting a little something extra as the board also approved a step increase for all school system employees.

“This year looking at sales tax collections, the administration feel confident that we could hit that mark necessary to trigger all employees receive the normal step increase. We are happy the board felt likewise,” said LPSS Superintendent Dr. Donald Aguillard.

As for distribution of the tax excess, there were two substitute motions to defer some of the money to hire more teachers to reduce the student to teacher ratio.

The motion had some support but not enough to pass.

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