“The Best of 90 Plus” pictures capture memories

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A picture is worth a thousand words.  For one Lafayette woman that’s exactly what she’s using to tell her life story in KLFY’s “The Best of 90 Plus.”

Rena Segura is 96-years-old. “I’m the oldest in the family,” she says

Rena lives with her younger sister Velta who is 88-years-old and just as sharp.

Velta identifies the pictures hanging on the wall. “That’s my brother, my grandmother, and grandfather, and my mother and daddy,” explains Velta.

Rena affectionately remembers her family and the found memories captured in pictures the family saved. “That’s Douglas, Presley, and Ernest,” adds Rena.

The Segura sisters have pictures scattered throughout the house.  There are pictures in high places and a few resting on shelves down below.  The sisters know the stories behind each and every one of them.  “This is my mother right there,” says Velta.

For being 96, Rena’s memory is quite on-point when it comes to who’s who in the family.  Rena says they’re two of eight children.

She notes that there are five brothers and they are all deceased.

Rena says she never had any children nor did her sisters.  “My mother died at 64.  My daddy died at 59.  I’m lucky to be alive at 96 years old,” says Rena.

Rena realizes aging gracefully has its pros and cons.

Rena says she may not be as light on her feet as when she was younger but thanks to an active memory she remembers what it was like.  “Yes, I use to like to dance and do the Waltz,” states Rena.

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