KNHS let’s listeners tune in to Northside High students as they learn about radio

LAFAYETTE, LA. (KLFY) – It’s rare that a high school has an active radio station on campus.

One of the Hub City’s high schools has one, and it’s been a big hit for over the past 3 years.

Students at Northside High School who are a part of the Broadcast Journalism Academy have the rare opportunity to work at 93.1 KNHS “The Viking.”

KNHS is a non-commercial, educational LPFM radio station licensed by the Lafayette Parish School System.

“Not many high schools have stations. It’s an honor to work here.” says NHS Senior Caleb Journet.

“This is a privilage. Not everyone has this opportunity.” added Sophomore Nicholas Isadore.

In fact, Northside High is one of only 3 high schools in the entire state of Louisiana to have an active radio station on campus run by the students.

Jay Redmond is the Director of the Broadcast Journalism Academy and also directs and leads the students at KNHS.

He says it really gives the students a leg up on other kids who have not been exposed to this type of broadcast training.

“Our kids make better grades, higher ACT scores and get better jobs and do more in society.” says Redmond.

KNHS is a real learning tool for these kids and they say once the mic is on, the real rush starts!

“[You] got to talk non-stop, but if you screw up, nobody knows what you were going to say.” says Sophomore Chileigh Mitchell.

KNHS’s mission is to educate, entertain and preserve Louisiana’s unique musical heritage.

They feature block programming of it’s four primary music forms: Cajun/Zydeco, New Orleans, Pop and Jazz.

KNHS is always looking for sponsorships and grants in order to expand their Broadcast Journalism Academy.



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