Lawn & Garden

You’ve worked hard to prop up your Lawn and Garden. Today John Chastant is going to tell us about how to maintain your lawn and garden.

To keep it going, we had a rough time this summer with all the rains. And with all the rains, it leaches out all your fertilizer so you need to re-apply. And these are fertilizers you can use on your vegetable garden as well as all your flower beds so they need to be renewed with a lot of fertilizer right now. I have the Osmocote, two different sizes. It’s a slow release fertilizer. You cannot burn – you know how many people are killing plants with fertilizer. That’s good to know. Then I have Fish Emulsion , which is a liquid form, especially people who have a lot of Ferns, it will give it a dark green. No fertilizer will give it a dark green like that. Then I have the Milorganite, which is a granulated product, it’s a natural product. You can put on the lawn, the garden, flower beds, everywhere. Safe product, another one you cannot burn.

That’s good to know. I know a lot of people you say they overburn with these, can’t do it, right.

So check those out at Chastant Brothers.


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