Road improvements coming to Scott’s Destination Pointe area

SCOTT, La. (KLFY) – The opening of Super 1 Foods in June brought more traffic to LA 93 in Scott north of Interstate 10. Road improvements are in the works.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization says a center turning lane will be added to LA 93 from I-10 to Renaud Drive.

“We’re going to the design phase right now, then we’ll go into right of way acquisition, utility relocation, and then let to construction,” explained Ashley Moran, a planner with the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

The area is known as Destination Pointe. Scott Mayor Purvis Morrison said there have been a couple of wrecks involving drivers who weren’t paying attention.

He said the turning lane will help.

“We’re having some issues, a few problems with some people that are not accustomed to someone stopping to make a left turn,” Morrison said.

The section of LA 93 north of I-10 is growing and more development is planned. This project will cost $5 million. It’s not expected to start until 2020. Construction is expected to take about 18 months.

“As we’re going to continue bringing more businesses here, we’re definitely going to need somewhere for those cars to stack up inside that turning lane so that the traffic can continue to flow,” Morrison said.

Planners say a project like this one can help the local economy.

“People take whatever is the easiest route so we hope that we can make improvements to the roadways to get people where they want to go,” said Moran.

Mayor Morrison said more businesses are coming to Destination Pointe. He expects to build on the success of the Super 1 Foods store.

“This store is hopefully doing what we hoped it would do, would attract people not from Scott into this area,” Morrison said. “You know to bring people from Crowley, bring people from Rayne, Church Point, bring people from those areas. That way we can build our tax base.”

The City of Scott is paying for 20 percent of the project. The federal government is picking up the remaining 80 percent.

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