Educator concerns at Plaisance Elementary School

PLAISANCE, La. (KLFY) – Almost two months into the school year some St. Landry Parish teachers say their working environment is unpleasant and not conducive to teaching or learning at Plaisance Elementary School.

News 10 received a tip that parents, teachers, and administrators would be meeting Wednesday night at Plaisance Elementary School and the purpose would be to address a list of concerns.

Claims of abuse of power, lack of classroom furniture and unprofessionalism filled an extensively long list.

St. Landry Parish Schools Superintendent Patrick Jenkins says he’s a little disturbed about the list.

He says some of the claims are true; like teachers not having standard desks, the old ones were ruined in the historic August flood of 2016.

“We lost just about everything here at Plaisance Elementary school. We had to replace everything” Jenkins recalls.

That’s one problem administrators know about and it’s being taken care of.

“Unfortunately, some of the desks for teachers haven’t come in yet however, it has been ordered and should be here very soon,” Jenkins explains.

Plaisance Elementary Principal Dr. Monica Fabre says she was only made aware of the list of concerns after someone anonymously slid a copy under her door.

But now with an idea of staff concerns, the higher-ups are ready to address them.

“We’re going to come about a resolution to this very soon, for whatever concerns there maybe. I think at the end of the day we’re going to be celebrating each other and the successes of Plaisance Elementary school,” says Jenkins.

Administration plans to meet with the staff at the school on Monday to address the list and find out who is making these claims.

News 10 reached to Plaisance teachers and parents for comment but they chose not to speak on camera.

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