“The Best of 90 Plus” 91-year-old gives advice on love and life

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – A Lafayette woman at the age of 91-years-old gives advice on love and life.

Edna Wren says she was born in St. Mary Parish.  In the 19040’s, Wren says she worked cleaning naval ships at a shipyard in the State of Washington.  Wren says when WWII was over the work came to an end.

“When {my boss} told me if I didn’t go up that ship I could just go home.  I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to continue working so I went up.  Every morning after that there’s was no problem. You see sometimes it’s all right there {points to her head},” says Wren.

Wren says Washington is where she met her first husband who was from New Orleans. She says when they came back he passed away from cancer.  “We had dreams but that was the end of it,” adds Wren.

Eventually, Wren remarried. In fact, she’s giving advice to ladies who have not yet found the right partner but may have one in mind.  “Don’t throw yourself at him and make sure he sees you.  If you know that he’s looking at you, then make sure he sees you but don’t make a spectacle of yourself,” explains Edna.

Edna says she never had children but did adopt two children.  She adds that her husband had four children before they were married.


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