Congressman Clay Higgins visits Acadiana; speaks about current events

BROUSSARD La. (KLFY) – Congressman Clay Higgins was in Broussard to address the Acadiana Chapter of the military officers association.

He didn’t shy away from the hot topics up in D.C., including border security.

“They need advanced technology, they need additional secondary fencing, they need additional all-weather roads, and they need additional technology to detect attempted crossing,” Higgins said.

Higgins also spoke about funding for the restore Louisiana program, kneeling for the national anthem in the NFL, the Equifax breach, and of course, healthcare and North Korea.

“I supported the American Healthcare Act; that was 129 pages of very, very well-crafted legislation,” Higgins said.

He added that he’s still on the fence about whether he will vote yes for the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill, which is scheduled to make its rounds through the House and the Senate by the end of next week.

“So I cannot say at this point, that I would support the Graham-Cassidy bill as a standalone piece of legislation. I’m not as satisfied with that legislation, as the legislation I previously voted for,” Higgins explained.

Possibly the most pressing issue in the world right now, involves the rising tensions between North Korea and the United States, especially with the dangerous rhetoric from North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

“He’s been looking for trouble for a long time, he’s found it now. I mean this man didn’t stand up his missile capabilities, in the last 6 months, surely the world must realize that,” the congressman said.


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