New skate park envisioned for Lafayette

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Lafayette has a variety of entertainment options for its residents. One option currently not available is a public skate park.

I caught up with a group of skaters who are trying to make that a reality.

Skate boarder’s feel its time for Lafayette to have its own public skate park. They say its a great way to keep kids busy, as well as a way to express themselves.

Daniel Roberts, “statistics shows that cities with skate parks have have lower crime rates.”

Currently Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department has designated 3 area’s as possible future sites for a public skate park. Some of the active skaters want to make sure that this park is accessible to everyone and is also fan friendly.mmiguel lasala sot really want people to be able to watch and to have plenty of trees.

Shannon may is one of about 5 pro skateboarders to come out of lafayette. He says the Hub City has always been a perfect place for skaters to develop and enjoy their skills, and this park would help keep that tradition going.

“Lafayette is a melting pot, a skatepark would be great and help develop pro’s to come.”

They call this the bowl. Its currently the only public place in the city designated for skaters. Eventually the city is planning to tear it down and put parking here or build a road so thats the reason now more than ever the city need a public skatepark.

“Bowl is cool but its limited a skatepark would give more options and variety.

There is currently a rough estimate on what it would cost to get the park built and running.

“We feel it would take about $300,000 to get the park up.

And, roll on these skaters hope to do…

In Lafayette, Jeff Horchak, KLFY News 10.

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