The Schilling Saints decision and its possible effects

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Schilling Distributing Company has made the decision to pull all Bud Light point-of-sale material, featuring the NFL and New Orleans Saints.\

The move comes after last weekend’s NFL national anthem protests. Schilling has been locally and veteran-owned through three generations since 1950.

On Facebook, the company states it strongly supports our nation’s flag and law enforcement, and while everyone has a right to peacefully protest, doing so at the expense of our national anthem is not an appropriate way to go about it saying, “With all the negative attention the NFL is receiving right now due to these protests, we do not feel it is appropriate to associate our brand with them in the marketplace at this time.”

But some stores in Acadiana are unsure of what this all means.

“No, we haven’t heard anything yet,” said Karen Sides, who works at Corner Pantry Foods.

She says they are still in the dark about what this all means for their store.

“They came the day before all this was taking place so yeah, just kind of a waiting game for us,” said Sides.

The company says that they don’t want to be involved with the controversy surrounding the national anthem and that they don’t agree with players kneeling as well.

Schilling Distributing Company states that it will offer alternative programming to retailers in the meantime, including point-of-sale material featuring messages like, “Proud to serve those who serve” and “This Bud’s for you, Louisiana.”

But could taking some products with Saints logos off the shelf affect the company’s sales?

“From a marketing standpoint, marketing is all about being remarkable, and when companies are remarkable, people talk about them. Whether people agree or disagree,” said Reece Theriot, a business instructor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

He says it easily could affect transactions for the company, but it’s all about what the company believes in.

“I would imagine that Schilling has made this decision, and says you know, if this damages relationships with certain clients that we have or places that we’re located, then maybe our values just don’t align,” said Theriot.

From a marketing perspective, Theriot says that when your values don’t align from the very beginning between a client or a customer, over the long term, something like this can separate that relationship.

We reached out to Schilling Distributing Company for an additional comment on the subject, and they declined to speak to us.

To read the company’s full statement, visit this link here.

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