Crowley tutoring program awarded $14,000 grant

CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) Five years ago, a retired educator had an idea to open more doors for at-risk students within the Crowley community. One dream, a plan and a huge support system later is the perfect combination for a success story today.

“I can’t believe it sometimes I have to pinch myself. Because you have dreams, everybody has dreams, but you never think they will materialize.”

Empowring the community for excellence, a phrase that describes a goal and the name of Audrey Spencer’s Free after school after school program.

“Through this program, with so much community help, I couldn’t do it by myself.”

In 2012, the program began as a small venture, tutoring about twenty students but with a big vision, the facility has nearly tripled in size, registering up to one-hundred and twenty students between kindergarden, middle and high schools.

“We just began to sell it to the children, sell it to the parents in our community.”

And it worked..the center now has a waiting list of students. Dr. Ezora Proctor says everyone believd in the dream, but now they have more students than they can accomodate.

“We wish that we can take 300 to 400 hunded kids in the program, but its impossible with the building we have.”

It may now be possible, thanks to a partnership grant program award of fourteen-thousand, three-hundred and fiftey dollars. The First National Bank of Louisiana and the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas presented the funds Wednesday afternoon to the organization.

“When you work hard, good things happen.”

The grant money is used for expansion, operating expenses, and technological advancements.

“And we are planning for the future.”

“Monday, October 2nd, kicks off tutoring sessions and although the program is designed for at-risk students, organizers will accept anyone who is willing to learn.”

Lora Lavigne, KLFY News 10.



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